Use a different music service with an echo device.

Amazon music is a nice offering at a good price, but if you are already using a different music service, maybe you don’t need to pay more for Amazon music.

It’s easy to change the default music service echo devices use through the Alexa app. I will show you how.

Open the Alexa app on your phone. You downloaded it when setting up your echo device, so it’s already on your phone, unless you deleted it. Go into settings. Select music and media.

If you want to select a music service or station you must have an account with that service. Link the service to your Alexa app by selecting the desired service and logging in. Once the service is linked to Alexa you can select choose default music services.

From there you can choose Spotify like I did for my default music library, and you can select Pandora like I did for my station service.

Now, everytime I want to hear music on one of my echo devices I just say “Alexa” play a specific song, album, playlist or artist giving me access to over 30 million songs at no extra charge.

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